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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that happens to be our broadcast for tonight. the extended edition. thank you so much for being with us. steve kornacki picks up our live coverage right here on msnbc now. this morning, too close to call, an ohio special election, republican troy balerson beats democrat daniel o'connor by a aizor thin margin, despite the region being reliably red for decades. john bolton says north korea has not taken any steps to de-nuclearize. rick gaelt gates returns to the stand as the legal team tries to go after his credibility.
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good morning, everybody, it is wednesday, august 8th. a lot to talk about this morning. let's begin with that closely watched special election in ohio in a district that has been in gop hands for three decades, republican troy balderson leads danny o'connor by less than 1% of all votes cast, making it too close to call. the official outcome may not be known until all the ballots are counted in the coming weeks the race could be coming to a recount as the final results are actually certified. still despite the razor thin margin, troy balderson has claimed victory and daniel o'connor has not yet conceded. listen to this. >> it's time to get to work.
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over the next three months, i will do everything i can to keep america great again so that when we come back here in november, get ready, we got to come back here in november i have earned your vote for a second time. >> can you believe how close this is? we, we are in a tie ball game. we went door-to-door. we went house-to-house. we made our case for case. we will make that case tomorrow. we're not stopping now. tomorrow we rest and then we keep fighting through to november. let's go out there! let's get it done! let's change this country. >> so we're actually going to see a rematch come november when they compete for a full term in congress. yesterday's special election was to fill the remainder of the
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term. there is another nail bitener kansas, where secretary of state chris kobach holds the lead over jeff colyer. colyer served seven years, trump's endorsement of kobach might have put him on time. he went from even in the race to up 7 points after president trump weighed in. in michigan, republicans nominated another trump endorsed candidate john james for u.s. senate. james faces an uphill battle against democratic debbie stabenow and republican dino rossi advances for an open republican held seat that clinton won as democrat kim
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schrire gets ahead. >> a historic number for female candidates. in in women are now the major party nominees for governor if 11 states, breaking the record of ten set back in 1994 and that number is likely to grow with the remaining primaries in the next month or some with at least 20 more nominated last night that total is now at 182 a record number of major party nominations with still more to come. one more milestone last night as well as michigan's rashit rashita tlaib. she is unopposed in the general
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election for the seat long held by excongressman john connors. joining us from capitol hill mollie huber. i love seeing you. it's been so long. >> i love seeing you, especially on a wonderfully squeakery morning. >> okay. >> reporter: a squeaky morning after the election results where we don't know who won. >> let's talk about that election, we're talking ohio, red since the 1980s last night's special election too close to call. both of them at this point think that they're winners. what does that say about what's going on in ohio? >> it says a lot, well, this is kind of a tough race. number one, it is a special elect. number two, these candidates both of them will face off in a general election for a full term in the house and number three,
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it's august, parent getting their kids ready to go back to school the turn outis unclear whether that was affected, the end of summer days. but at the same you look at it. you see a guy, if you are listening to the speech, you know, the election night speech, it's hard to tell whether the democrat was the winner. he has a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. the democrats if you look at twitter, you see quite a few coming out saying this is a big win for her to party rorls of whether or not o'connor actually clinches this special election because it is so close and a seat that was held for so many years by republicans. >> mollie, i want to ask you about the power of the president in a couple of these race, you had the president weighing in to throw his support behind the gop candidates in those two states. what does it say to you when you look at the races and the
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deadlocks they're in about the power he has as an endorser, the role he is playing as we head to the mid-terms? >> well, it says a lot about the way lawmakers have been approaching these mid-term elections. if you look at it, president trump weighed in on a primary for the kansas governor and kris kobach seems to be taking the lead. keep in mind if he win, then he faces a democrat in the fall and he's probably you described him as say a more extreme candidate of the two and when it comes to the general elect, that's going to matter. and it's probably why you are seeing republicans on capitol hill fought condemning some of the things trump says as publicly's they would leak to, because they don't want to face them again or not in some cases a general election where they have to moderate what they've
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said in the primaries. so it's a very difficult position to take. >> all right. on this squeakery morning. >> always comes up with the best words. >> i love it. thank you again. >> reporter: thank you. despite the agreement signed by president trump and north korea's kim jong-un back in june, north korea is not taking any steps to de-nuclearize. >> the united states has lived up to the singapore declaration. it's just north korea that has not taken the steps we feel are necessary to at the nuclearize. secretary of state mike pompeo is prepared to go back to north korea to meet with kim jong-un. we've proposed that in our most recent letter from the president to kim jong-un. the president is prepared to meet. what we need is not rhetoric, what we need is performance from north korea on de-nuclearization. >> the national security adviser criticizing north korea for not
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fully turning over the remains of the soldiers killed during the korean war. >> a nation that was truly committed to turning page here would return the remains of all soldier, south korean soldier, australians in the coalition in the early 1950s as well as american soldiers. there is no point is withholding the remains from a conflict that long ago. >> john bolton's comments on north korea's nuclear comments echo the remarks. the senate panel that mike pompeo says they use it in making nuclear weapons. it reflects a report of the ongoing missile program and last week a leaked report shows the dprk has also continued to conduct illegal trades of oil and coal less than two months ago, president trump proclaimed there was quote no longer a nuclear threat from north korea.
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in the trial of president trump's former company chairman, paul manafort, star witness rick gates is back on the stand getting personal as manafort's attorneys take aim to attack his credibility. justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: in two days of testimony, rick gates said he never told accountants the actual amount of money paul manafort made because he told them not to let them know how many millions of dollars were paid for the political consulting work they did for ukraine's president victor yanukovych. when the work fell, he was hit with a big tax bill in 2014 he e-mailed gates, i just saw this, wtf, how could i be blindsided by this and he made up fake documents. manafort's defense attorneys went on attack when their term
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came to question gates. he said he used money he stole carrying on an affair in london and helped falsify financial documents. when he had trouble recalling what he told mueller's prosecutors about his past like he says, haven't they confronted with you so many lies that you can't remember any of it? after manafort left the trump campaign, gates stayed on to work on the inauguration. he says it's possible he submitted personal information there. prosecutors reveal manafort kept asking for favors from gates. manafort e-mailed a banker that helped him get a loan should be considered for secretary of the army and get tickets to the trump inaugural. >> our thanks to pete williams for that report. republican senator lindsey graham spent part of the weekend golling with president trump and at an event on monday night, he
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told the audience that the mueller probe came up in conversation several times. >> why don't each of you step up and stop the mueller investigation? >> well, did trump ask that question in he must have mentioned that about 20 times. i told the president, i know you don't like it, i know you feel put upon. you just got to ride it out. i want to win in november. if we stop the mueller probe tomorrow, you wouldn't be able talk about anything else. >> just got to ride it out. still ahead, everybody, we are learning new details about president trump and vladimir putin, but it's coming from russian state media. plus info wars creator alex jones putting up a fight after being banned by several tech giants those stories and a check on the weather when we come back. ♪
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welcome back. i want to turn to a new story involving several former trump campaign aids, foreign lobbying and one corey lewandowski. two people that worked for the campaign in addition to the avenue stranls luset up called twin rocks global, it's first and currently only client is the alliance of social democrats a russian-backed serbian nationalist party. they lobbied for another firm turnberry solutions. according to abc news, both firms are registered to the same address at the townhouse lewandowski cities in, in washington, d.c. he says he quote has nothing to do with this company or the story. he says he has nothing to do with turnberry, one of
2:17 am
turnberry's clients, t-mobile, said in may he was advising on a merger, he left his avenue strategies lobbying firm after accusations he was meddling his access to the white house and lobbying without properly registering. we are learning more about what was discussed during president trump's hours long meeting with vladimir putin in helsinki last month. although it comes from moscow, according to a russian do you mean obtained by politico. president putin presented president trump with a series of requests, clawing proposal to hold new talks on nuclear arms control and prohibiting weapons in space the document reportedly a page of proposed top effects for negotiation addresses rising tensions in eastern europe. the kremlin and trump have previously revealed syria was discussed in the meeting to have u.s. officials head to moscow to question russian recently
2:18 am
indicted by robert mueller in exchange for russia being allowed to interview a senior number of diplomats the white house refused to answer most questions discussed in that private meeting and last week, director of national intelligence dan coats said he was not in a position to understand fully or talk about what happened. but no mention by the way of steven seagal. just, fyi. after multiple tech companies dropped info wars from their platform, they have a plea to their remaining follower, buy more merchandise. alex jones previously claimed the sandy hook shooting was a hoax took to his radio show to ask listeners to rise up against what he called anti-trump sociopaths. it comes after a group of companies did away with info cars and its controversial content. so far that list includes, apple, facebook, youtube,
2:19 am
spotify, pinterest and linkedin. those assessments have cost jones millions of subscribers. let's switchgoers with nbc meteorologist bill kierans. it was quite a storm last night wmt ve our in-house storm chaser with us. >> louis? who now he had such talent? you captured a photo in. >> more from the safety of his couch. >> right out the window. i couldn't believe it. it looked like a scene out of ghost mabusters. >> ghost busters, it looks like a marshmallow man. a lot of delays period towards the end of the evening rush hour. we will do it again in the east. ground-to-ground lightning can be a problem. we have 38 million people at risk of a heat advisory from boston to hartford, providence,
2:20 am
new york, philly. richmond, north of virginia beach are. so the cold front is trying to bring if a little less hume air mass. so instead of hot summer weather conditions with high humidity. it's summer heat there ut the galaxy. it's hot and humid along the million dollar atlantic. so let's get into the forecast. this is what you have to wait for, into thursday, we get relief in the northeast. instead of the heat index 100. it will be 93 in philadelphia. thursday is a little relief. you have to wait until closer to the fall. so boston, you go 86 on friday. the weekend does look a lot better. st. louis looks better, too, so it's a slow improvement. afternoon storms for the east coast. >> you'll make it. you'll do it. >> i just don't know if i will, though, that itself the thing. still ahead a 19-year-old breaking a parrier set by mickey mantle while this guy is not
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having a very good day at all. we will explain why next. >> oh, something is happening. >> hold on. in sports. we'll be back in a moment. >> angry, that garbage can. ♪ this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business
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2:24 am
would be solo shot in the 5th. while the yanks defeated them, last night's contest need several innings. several. this after both teams knocked in two runs in the 10th the 23-year-old yankee with a single knocking in, the go ahead run. it would prove to be the game winner. the yankees take this one 4-3, but what a game. and in toronto after the blue jays tied against the red sox in the bottom of the 9th to sunday it to extra, boston answers with a 10th inning hit by mitch moreland, earning the first place red sox a fifth straight win. they are on fire. let's go to the nation's capital last night, a 19-year-old solo launched his freeng homer of the year. a first inning that moves him past mickey mantle for the fifth most by a teenager in mlb history, ken griffey, jr. the
2:25 am
next on the list with 16 home runs before turning the age of 20 congratulations to him. finally, for a new level of protest following a baseball ejection, we head to an independent league matchup in fargo, north dakota, one player mels down after arguing with the home plate ump. incensed, he unleashes a minute of obscenities before leaving the feld to trash the ump. the rejectled player retrieves a gar badge can, walks back on the field and drops it off behind home plate shouting go to your home before finally exiting to the clubhouse him he needs to take a cold shower and cool off. >> bitterly with the drag can. >> drag style. >> to be updated. >> very familiar with sesame
2:26 am
street. still ahead the legal questions are continuing to mount for michael cohen. we are following new reporting that trump's former fixer is under investigation for possible tax frauld. plus a new bombshell report that claims wilbur ross can rank among the biggest grifters in american history. >> that and more coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. this morning marking day seven of the trial of former trump campaign chair paul manafort. evidence and testimony from rick gates yesterday seems to confirm exclusive reporting from nbc news earlier this year the special counsel's team was investigating, ojob in the white house in return for $16 million in home loans. yesterday, the injury was sent e-mails manafort sent gates asking for a series of favors including calk be considered secretary of the army. calk did not get a job. he imaged to launch him into an ad advisor on the campaign. when manafort's attorney
2:31 am
questioned gates whether any other members on the special counsel's team asked about his time on the campaign, prosecutored objected. the court then went into recess and the topible never came up again. gates also testified he had embezzled from man a for the and as a -- manafort and an extra marital affair kept an apartment in london and stayed in luxury hotels. a new reporting suggests the president's former fixer is being investigateled for more than possible bank fraud and possible campaign finance violations. also on that list is tax fraud. one person familiar with the matter tells the journal federal officials are looking into the income was under reported in federal tax returns. the person said the income proves hundreds of thousands received in cash and other payments over the last five years. officials are also reportedly investigating if cohen
2:32 am
misrepresented or made false statements on loan applications. his former accountant has been subpoenaed. cohen has previously denied any wrong doing. a bombshell report, commerce secretary wilbur ross is being accused of funneling $100 million from former business partners into his own pocket. forbes magazine interviewed 21 people and accuse him of taking millions of dollars for himself on multiple occasions. >> that report also cites a series of lawsuit, payments and a fine by the sec. one instance involves a lawsuit filed in 2015 by a former senior managing director of ross' firm w.l. ross and company. they claim he stole his interests in a private equity fund, transferred them to himself and tried to cover it up with false paperwork the attorneys representing rossing a only inned in court filings that one of ross' companies re-allocated part of it to ross,
2:33 am
adding it's possible under international business agreements. both men recently agreed to a confidential settlement. the commerce department issued a statement by forbes saying the anonymously forbes story is based on false rumors, innuendo and unverifiable claims the fact remains no regulator has made accusations against the secretary this rehash of old stories is clearly the result of a personal vendetta, baseless claims made in the story were well publicized long ago and are not news the author states even half of the accusations are legitimate, the commercing is could rank among the biggest grifters. they are suing for limg asylum bus of domestic and gang violence the suit is asking the court to declare attorney
2:34 am
general jeff session's policies to be contrary to the law and vacate them and enter an order staying removal of the asylum seek torres allow them the ability to be given new credible fear interviews. this as the white house is expected to put steven miller's plan limiting the number who obtain legal status if there are household members who have used obamacare, children's health insurance, food stamps and other benefits. yesterday a 6-year-old boy was reunited with his mother in guatemala after being separated three months within they originally crossed the border on may 10th. his mother said it was three months of torture. even though the policy was ended several weeks ago, hundreds of children separated at the border still remain in u.s. custody. let's go to the reporter for the hill, let's talk about manafort's trial yesterday.
2:35 am
a lot coming up with regards to the gates' testimony, specifically bringing up gates' affair he had about a decade or so ago talk to me about the defense's strategy here and discredited gates? >> reporter: well, they need to do whatever they can. it seems like it. after reading reports of what's happening in that courtroom, rick gates had some damming testimony that essentially paul manafort asked him to, you know, forge or create false loan do you means to obtain loans and you know the first two days of his testimony was just i mean it read you know for those of us who have been covering this whole story for the past year-and-a-half it feels like, it was pretty damming. now the thing is, the defense needs to do whatever they can to discredit his testimony. it's certainly one of those things when you watch "law and order," do you want to put
2:36 am
somebody on the witness stand who is proven to have lied in his past? because that could create a question in the juror's mind to believe what he is saying now. however, it seems like there is documentation to back up what rick gates is saying and aside from that, it's just been fascinating to see what's been coming out of this trial to think, oh my gosh, how can this happen here? >> definitely, it's got a soap opera feel to it. >> in august here. >> the hottest months on the other side of the potomac. let me ask you about that "wall street journal" report we brought up a few modems ago, michael cohen is up for investigation under tax fraud. the question is whether or not president trump can be linked. what are you looking for as the story continues to develop in. >> we are looking for that leverage, it depends on whether any of these payments had to do with trump's various assorted,
2:37 am
you know, women that he had liaisons with. if that money can be, you know, associated with it. it's unclear at this point and really it's one of those things where if you talk to lawmakers, especially republicans on capitol hill, they justp it to go. they don't want this to be out there. the more something like this is out there the more proep president trump is to tweeting about it and keeping this story in the overall narrative, which doesn't reflect well on republicans back home. they don't want this, so from that perspective, from the folks two are up on capitol hill and are trying to get reelected to office, they don't want to see this anymore. >> i got to stay, instinctually, the story is to the going away. >> reporter: oh my go, bilking, swindlers, oh my go, what an august. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us once again. >> reporter: thank you. and a special prosecutor has
2:38 am
been appointed to investigate allegations of possible election fraud in a mid-term race involving republican scott taylor of virginia. aids are being accused of forging signatures to help independent shaun brown get on the ballot in the hopes of get shifting it away from his challenger. paid staff and others associated with the company forte lor, two months after brown dropped her bid following her indictment on federal corruption charges. taylor said his staff did nothing wrong and only wanted to assure brown a place on the ballot. analysts say the freshman congressman is seen as vulnerable this november. new hampshire democrats are renaming their full fundraising event after eleanor roosevelt, dropping the old name clinton-kennedy. that comes after resurfaced zrut my over allegations of sexual assault lodged against president clinton in the '90s at the urge of state republicans an
2:39 am
uncomfortable democrats the committee says they've chooseen roosevelt for her role as a historic trail blazer and the party's steadfast commitment dedicated to women testimony original name jefferson jackson was replaced in 2016 under criticisms of racial transgressionles. those two presidents committed while they were in office. all right, still ahead, everybody, fire crews in california are working overtime to try to get the upper hand on a number of wildfires there. climb change is playing in the growing number of blazes we are seeing each and every year. >> we will check in with bill kierans. he will have the latest to provide any help to those cruise on the ground in california. cal. .
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2:43 am
>> extreme weather conditions are hindering efforts to combat a number of fires in the u.s. and across europe. experts are arguing that climate change is adding to this. anne thompson has more on this. >> reporter: wildfires are no longer contained to a season in california. this is now a year-round battle. >> i think this is the new normal that we will see in dachl. >> reporter: fanning the flames, they point to climate change, ementions from cars, and power plants making our air warmer. >> you got all the ingredients for unprecedented filed i wildfires. >> reporter: in 14 states from alaska to arizona, large fires are burning. researchers at the university of idaho say climate change creatingworm warmer than doubled conditions hindered the forest fires. this summer europe is burning, too, sweden, portugal and
2:44 am
greece, where more than 90 people died. record heat there and here caused by a loopy weakened jet stream that's not moving hot air along. yet, scientists blame climate change, too. >> when you melt the sea ice in the arctic and you change the temperature patterns in the atmosphere, you actually change the jet stream him you change it in a way that you slow it down. >> reporter: fire and heat altering landscapes in the northern half of the world. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >> bill, it's a scary thought that this fire season is now a year-round season and the weather doesn't seem to be helping out there on the west coast. >> you think of the climate change on the jet stream. there is a lot of unknown. there's theories out there about what will happen. stalled out jet stream increases to areas of flooding and drought
2:45 am
and then of course fires and that's one of the leading fields where the research needs to go as far as we move with a warming planet. the planet is warming. we can't do anything ability that or haven't been able to to do anything about that yet the jet stream will be an important piece of the puzzle as we go forward. when we get more news and studies on that we will try to brig bring it to you. the death valley, barstow, these areas are under an excessive heat warning. further to the north and northwest, it will be a two-day heat wave, portland and walk state very warm also, so the heat dome sits over the west. it's been here much of the summer, it's intensified in areas of the north of us. how hot is it today? this is in the shade, redding, so 3, portland, oregon, 97. seattle 93 degrees. investigate agency at 108. thursday a two-day heat wave.
2:46 am
fresno 106. so again it's really not much is going to change. although we cool it off in the northwest. redding does not, bakersfield does not, sat lake city, portland and seattle, you will catch a break. not much changing in the west yet. >> a lot of triple digit temperatures. >> china looking to make a trade move with president trump. how apple could fit into that equation. >> plus shares of tesla after elon musk is considering taking the company private. and the other stories on your business day coming up next. advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you.
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welcome backing everybody. 106 jobs, they are closing a plant citing tariffs imposed on goods imported from china as the reason testimony company which was one of the company's large counties the largest employers says many of the components used in its manufacturing operation have been impacted the news coming on the heels of volvo may have to forego hiring 4,000 workers due to the tariffs. bmw saying it could jeopardize 45,000 jobs in that state alone. and a tariff battle between the u.s. and china has put a
2:50 am
target on the back of apple, which recently reached a valuation of 1 trillion thanks in part to cheap labor in china. what does this all mean for obviously could be a lot of collateral damage as the trade wars go on for apple. >> yes. ever since this spat between the u.s. and chikmichina began, asyc actions from china talks, devaluing currency, changing holdings in u.s. treasuries and target u.s. companies and seems apple is in their cross hairs. chinese newspapers arguing nearly $10 billion over the quarter to june could somehow be shared with chinese individuals. not clear how that would happen. the american companies the biggest winners meaning
2:51 am
companies like apple have the most to lose. one man winning seemingly yesterday, elon musk, tweeting he was prepared to take more than $6.6 billion to take his company private allowing tesla the firm to focus on the long-term, avoid criticism in shareholders and keep trade secrets from competitors. 11% pop in the tesla share price yesterday. that allows him to pay back obligations in stock rather than cash. >> "lon musk making a bold and strategic statement there. also, disney shares lowered but then bounced back according to rival networks. an incredible library. they could do well. >> a long time coming and not launching until late 2019. talking details, not having a
2:52 am
deep bench like his netflix or huge numbers of titles. focus "on the uniqueness of that back catalog including films from marvel, pixar, lucas film." if the future, that fix from "toy story" you'll have to watch it on the stream service. >> i need that toy fix. f how did you know i was a "toy story" fan. >> i love it! hi, philip. >> please, say hi. talking are carolinians. >> how long did you actually work together? >> maybe a year and a half. memorable year and a half. >> did you enjoy working with him? >> i loved it. >> every day. >> we were deskmates. sat next to each other. >> you know the real secrets of each other's lives. >> got it all. up there. good to see you. >> live from london, thanks. coming up, axios has a look
2:53 am
at "one big thing," and also a razor-thin lead over democrat danny o'connor with the president already declaring balderson the winner despite the results not being certified. >> during the conversation to say whether he plans to concede that race and what that race could signal about democrats chances in the mid-determine elections. "morning joe" is moments away. ia cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ experience the versatility of utility,
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., co-founder, mike allen. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about axios's "one big thing" today. >> axios's "one big thing," ohio cliffhanger powers the blue wave. viewers have seen that troy balderson has a new nickname, calling him landslide. 1,754 votes at the moment. it's too close to call but the
2:57 am
associated press saying you can't call it since there could be a recount ahead, but republicans are calling this a victory, believe the victory will stand as we saw there, both the president and the republican declaring victory, but what do we learn from this? whatever way this race tips tells three important things about november. all encouraging for democrats. all of them cautionary for republicans. we see that in race after race, and steve kornacki here on msnbc painted this so clearly last night. special election amp special election, republicans vastly underperformed how republicans did in these same states and districts in trump, d clinton. in the trump era, republicans are losing suburbs, a key part of the trump coalition and three, now every race is a trump race. >> mike, back to a question i
2:58 am
asked a few minutes ago of another guess. what did we learn about the role president trump paid in this special election and what he might play going forward, how effective he was a campaigner for troy balderson. >> a key for the president. he wants to turn trump voters into republicans. turn out his people. he's doing that, but what is the route to that? these rallies, we've seens clips morning after -- president loves it but they do nothing to bring the country together. they just excite his people. especially on the issue of immigration. saw that fine axios survey monkey poll. how you feel an immigration is how you feel about trump. that shows how much more we'll hear about that this fall. >> what about the strategy going forward looking ahead to november? >> republicans know that they need the president in districts
2:59 am
where he can help. the problem is, for republicans, the president thinks he can help in a lot more districts than he can. the president, we hear, behind the scenes is antsy, wanting to get out into the states and districts. his quick victory lap we saw there in his tweet from last night show you how he's feeling about these, but there's plenty of places he's not that helpful and they need to figure how to navigate that. >> the president planning to be on the trail six or seven day as week. mike allen, thank you very much. you, too, can sign up for the axios newsletter at that does it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. it's time to get to work over the next three months i'm going to do everything i can to keep america great again. so that when we -- when we -- when we come back here in
3:00 am
november, get ready. we've got to come back here in november -- [ chanting "two more years" ] >> i have earned your vote for a second time. >> can you believe how close this is? [ cheers ] we -- we are in a tie ball game! we went door to door, we went house to house, we made our case for change. we're going to make that case tomorrow. we're not stopping now. tomorrow we rest and then we keep fighting through to november! let's go out there. let's get done, let's change this country! the closely watched special election in ohio is this morning too close to call. that's according to nbc news. you heard at the top, republican troy balderson and democrat danny o'connor speaking last night with balderson currently leading o'connor by less than 1% of


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